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Dog Suffers Injuries from Pit Bull Attack

While walking her miniature poodle on the way to a friend's house, a pit bull attacked Stephanie Moran's 8-year-old dog Beau, causing serious injuries to her pet. reported that pit bull escaped and charged out of its owner's yard on Knowlton Avenue. The pit bull attack resulted in Beau getting bit on his stomach and shook around.

Stephanie Moran said her dog Beau suffered multiple puncture wounds, including a ripped abdomen and severely damaged intestines and colon. The miniature poodle had to go through four hours of surgery, and the medical costs for the operations and treatments are nearly $6,000. Moran said "that's not even close to the projected total" because her dog may have to undergo another surgery.

Lisa and Christopher O'Connor, the owners of the escaped pit bull, were stunned at how their dog managed to escape. They said the gate of their yard is usually locked and secured, but they are currently adding another security feature on their gate. Lisa O'Connor tried to intervene when she found her dog Dugg attacking Beau, though the miniature poodle ended up biting off the top of O'Connor's left finger in the process. Fortunately, she was able to get it reattached.

The Board of Selectman may have a hearing determining whether or not Dugg, the O'Connors pit bull, is vicious. Lisa and Christopher O'Connor have also said they would try to do what they can to help Stephanie Moran pay for her dog Beau's medical bill. However, a Boston personal injury lawyer could help determine whether or not Moran is actually entitled to receive compensatory damages for Beau's injuries from the attack. To learn more about dog attacks, refer to the Related Resources links.

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