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Dog Almost Euthanized for Animal Attack

This past August, Amy Barnett's Boston terrier attacked a woman in Acton and must now be restrained at all times  and kept away from visitors. The Beacon reported Henry, the terrier, has been subject to behavioral evaluation after selectmen considered whether the dog would have to undergo euthanasia to protect public safety after the animal attack.

Amy Barnett's boyfriend's parents, Brian and Lucille Donley, were dog-sitting Henry while the couple was away traveling. Swansea resident Linda Medeiros and her husband, Mike, came to visit the Donleys when Henry attacked Linda and bit her hands and feet. The victim was rushed to the hospital the day of the attack and readmitted a couple of days later to treat the infections from her wounds.

During the three and half years she has owned Henry, Barnett said she never witnessed any behavioral trouble. She described her nearly nine-year-old dog as generally friendly and sometimes nervous around visitors, but never vicious. Amy Barnett's landlord, neighbors, and veterinarian also stated they never had any prior problems with the Boston terrier.

Linda Medeiros filed a petition to the Acton board to have the animal destroyed for the safety its residents. Rather than spend more money to pay for euthanasia, Amy Barnett mentioned her vet's suggestion of having Henry go through professional behavior analysis for $300 to $400 dollars. The selectmen agreed to have Henry undergo analysis instead of being put down to see if the dog was indeed "salvageable."

If you have questions about what legal options are available to you after being involved in an animal attack, contact a Boston personal injury lawyer who can assess your case. The Related Resources also offers general information on dog bites and dog attacks.

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