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Boston Pedestrian Severely Injured From Car Crash

The Cape Cod Times reported a 75-year-old pedestrian suffered fatal injuries after a vehicle ran into him. Police said the man was crossing Route 28 in front of 3 Way Liquors when he was hit by a blue Pontiac Grand Am driven by a young man.

Ben Fortier, a witness to the scene, said the elderly pedestrian's arms and legs were broken after the accident. The driver of the Grand Am was visibly upset by the crash, and the car's windshield was wrecked after the impact from the collision. Firefighters rushed to bring the injured 75-year-old to a Boston Hospital, and reports indicate that he remains in critical condition.

Police officials said the Falmouth Police Accident Reconstruction Team is still investigating accident. Falmouth police Sgt. Brian Reid said no charges have been filed against the driver of the Grand Am. It has not been made clear if the pedestrian's family has considered filing a claim for damages through a Boston personal injury lawyer.

Pedestrian accidents are becoming more common in the Boston area. Those injured from a pedestrian accident may be able to recover damages for past and future medical expenses, wage loss if the injuries are severe, and pain and suffering. In the case of a tragic death, an experienced Boston personal injury lawyer can assess the case of a pedestrian's surviving family and determine whether they can recover full compensation for economic losses resulting from the pedestrian's death.

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