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Immigration Scam Targets Illegal Irish Immigrants

The Boston Herald reports that undocumented Irish immigrants in the Boston area are being targeted in an immigration scam. In move that would shock a Boston personal injury lawyer, it seems that the individuals behind this scam are fellow attorneys. The immigration scam involves Irish illegal immigrants being approached by lawyers who claim that they can get the immigrants a green card in the span of six months for $15,000. Authorities say that this often is not the case and that the attorneys just pocket the money and disappear.

According to WCVB Boston, immigrants who have been approached by attorneys promising green cards in a small amount of time for a fee should report the matter to authorities. Eva Millona, executive director of the Massachusetts Immigrants & Refugee Advocacy Coalition told WCVB Boston that there have been scams like this in other immigrant groups such as Latinos and Brazilians in the Boston metro area.

While this may seem like an immigration law issue, it may comfort some individuals to know that there are civil remedies available to individuals who are the victims of fraud. While a Boston personal injury attorney can explain this in more detail, one possible civil remedy available to victims of fraud is the ability to regain money that has been lost. The victim must show that a material misrepresentation has been made by the defendant with the intent to deceive the victim. The reliance by the victim of this misrepresentation must also cause a financial or economic harm.

While there is no news on whether victims of this immigration scam will seek civil remedies, if you have been a victim of fraud, it may help to speak to a Boston personal injury lawyer about your own legal options.

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