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Owner Claudia Martin Wins A Judgment Over $8K Over Dog Injuries

The South Coast Today reports that a judge in Wareham District Court has awarded dog owner Claudia Martin with a judgment worth $8,804.62 over injuries that her dog sustained when it was attacked by a bull mastiff. The award amount includes damages, interest, and filing costs.

Claudia Martin filed the lawsuit against bull mastiff owner Donn. A Cordeira. Cordeira's dog attacked Martin's dog Sweetie two years ago. As a result of the attack, Martin claims that she has amassed a staggering $10,000 in vet bills. She said that while she is happy with the judgment, she tried to get Mr. Cordeira to settle with her. She said: "I tried to get him to make me some sort of an offer. He didn't want to do it." She did indicate that she was aware that he felt bad about what had happened.

While Sweetie has recovered, it seems that the lawsuit opened fresh wounds for Martin. She said: "It was a nightmare when they were bringing up all the things that happened to the dog in court. I'm happy to have this all behind me."

Any curious residents should speak to a Boston personal injury attorney if they have questions about the legal remedies available if their pet is attacked.

Typically, if a pet is injured or killed, a pet owner could be entitled to receive what is known as "compensatory damages." This means that damages could include the purchase price or a similar pet, license and registration fees, shots, training costs, and extra vet bills. In certain cases, some owners can even collect for mental anguish, loss of the companionship of the pet, and even punitive damages. For more state specific information, it may be best to speak with a Boston personal injury lawyer.

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