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Tragic Twin Drowning Raises Safety Concerns

The Andreottola family in Lynnfield suffered a major tragedy this week. In a devastating twin drowning, the family lost both daughters. Veronica Andreottola and Angelina Andreottola were found by their mother in the family's in ground pool. Essex District Attorney spokeswoman Carrie Kimball Monahan told WCVB Boston that the twin girls may have been able to open the pool cover. The pool cover is controlled by a remote.

Police responded to a 911 call shortly after 10 in the morning, but after CPR was done on the girls and they were taken to the hospital, they were pronounced dead at Union Hospital. Lynnfield Fire Chief Thomas Bogart told WCVB Boston that the emergency response team did all that they could: "Lifesaving efforts were continued all the way to the hospital and long after the victims were at the hospital."

The Lynnfield Police Chief has said that the parents of Veronica Andreottola and Angelina Andreottola are very loving and that they put all sorts of safety precautions near the pool. He said: "They have a pool cover, there are gates. I think every effort was made to safeguard those children." As a result, the twin drowning is considered an accident.

A Boston personal injury lawyer can tell you that when a child dies from such tragic circumstances, that there are legal remedies such as strict liability for malfunctioning safety mechanisms. If you have suffered a similar tragedy, it may help to explore your options with a Boston personal injury attorney. For more information, please visit our Related Resources links.

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