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Olympic Gold Medalist Jenny Thompson Attacked

The Boston Herald reports that Jenny Thompson, an eight time Olympic gold medalist in swimming, was attacked in Brookline. The athlete claims that she was punched in the face by two people who tried to steal her scooter.

The swimmer said she was riding her scooter in Brookline when a car pulled up with its headlights off. Then two people got out of the car, pushed her to the ground, and then punched her. This was all in an attempt to steal her scooter. Jenny Thompson was able to hold on to her scooter and call for help. The batterers fled the scene by foot. 

Fortunately, the swimmer only suffered from minor injuries such as a cut to the nose. She was treated at the scene of the incident.

A Boston personal injury lawyer would tell you that a victim who is attacked may pursue civil damages for injuries caused by battery and assault. Assault is an intentional attempt or threat to cause injury to a person. Battery is an offensive or harmful touching of a person. For example, getting in someone's face and yelling that you are going to punch that person would be considered assault. Actually punching a person is battery.

While there are criminal laws against assault and battery, an individual like Jenny Thompson can also file a civil lawsuit claiming damages. Some of the damages that can possibly be claimed in such a lawsuit are compensatory damages for things such as medical treatment from the injuries, nominal damages, and punitive damages.

If you have questions about civil claims of battery and assault, it may help to speak with a Boston personal injury attorney.

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