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Construction Worker Injured In A Slip and Fall In Shrewsbury

The Telegram reports that a construction worker in Shrewsbury suffered from fractured ribs due to a slip and fall  from a roof. The construction worker, whose name has not been released, fell 15 feet from the roof of an AutoZone that is currently under construction on Route 9.

The AutoZone roof has openings that had been covered in plywood. When the injured construction worker had lifted a piece of plywood in order to work on an area, he slipped and fell. Fire Chief James M. Vuona says it looks like a slip and fall incident: "Looks like it was a slip-and-fall accident." He also said that it looks like the man could have slipped because of precipitation on the surface of the roof.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has launched a probe into the incident.

If you ask a Boston personal injury attorney, that lawyer would tell you that slip and fall accidents that occur outdoors can happen from a variety of reasons.

Here are a few reasons that a person can suffer from a slip and fall accident outdoors:

  • Ice or Snow (Precipitation): A business owner can possibly be held liable for any slip and fall accidents due to accumulation of precipitation that leads to unsafe conditions.
  • Poor Outdoor Lighting: If a business owner fails to properly illuminate property, knows about it, and failed to fix it, then they could be held liable for any slip and falls that can occur due to poor lighting.
  • Parking Lots: Parking lots must be reasonably safe for the individuals using it. Business owners are expected to fill and patch holes, cracks, and graduate any differences in height.
  • Sidewalks: Business owners are responsible for maintaining private walkways.

If you have questions about a slip and fall accident, call a Boston personal injury lawyer. An attorney can often assess a claim and let you know about possible legal remedies that you may have.

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