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City Of Beverly And Mother Of Danielle Tarsook Told To Settle Suit

The wrongful death lawsuit filed by the mother of Danielle Tarsook against the City of Beverly may be settled soon. The Boston Herald reports that the judge presiding over the $10 million wrongful death lawsuit of Danielle Tarsook has urged both parties to reach a settlement by ordering the lawyers to attend a settlement conference in John Adams Courthouse in Boston this week.

The lawsuit is based on the city of Beverly's police response to a call from Danielle Tarsook's boyfriend. He called 911 and told the operator that he was worried for Danielle's safety. The lawsuit filed by Beverly Tarsook (Danielle's mother) claims that the police failed to protect her daughter when they turned the girl over to her father. Her father happened to be Sgt. Dennis Tarsook with the Beverly police department at the time. When Dennis Tarsook brought his daughter back home, she committed suicide by hanging herself.

Beverly Tarsook's lawyer, Salem attorney Louis Muggeo claims that the police violated the girl's civil rights, state law, and their own policy about police response to relatives.

While the presiding judge can dismiss the case, it seems that the judge wants to give settlement a chance in order to prevent a lengthy trial. If you ask a Boston personal injury lawyer, that lawyer would tell you that it may be wise to settle a lawsuit; especially a lawsuit that is a multimillion dollar lawsuit. Jack Altshuler, a local attorney not involved in the suit told the Boston Herald: "If you can settle a case for $400,000 that's worth $1 million, the case is well worth it. But if you go in front of a jury, they can do whatever they want once they get into that jury room."

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