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Phoebe Prince Legacy: Anti-Bullying Measures In South Hadley

After the tragic suicide of Phoebe Prince hit South Hadley, more and more individuals felt that there was a need for anti-bullying measures in the small town in order to prevent another tragedy from occurring again.

The Boston Herald reports that the town's Anti-Bullying Task Force is asking citizens to take part in a community code of conduct that deals with bullying. The task force says that the code basically incorporates responsibility, courtesy, integrity and kindness.

This falls in line with a Massachusetts bill that was passed that addresses school and cyber bullying. Any Boston personal injury attorney can tell you that one of the major issues with cyber bullying is that it could possibly be digital defamation.

Digital defamation is a tort that involves posting a statement online that can hurt a person's reputation, is injurious, and published. Digital defamation is any false damaging statements that are posted online.

If you are parent with a teen who is getting harassed online, know that there are possible civil claims that you can file against the perpetrators.

In Phoebe Prince's case, the untrue statements were actually published on her Facebook page even after her tragic death. People posted comments such as "Irish whore" and "stupid slut." Facebook administrators had to remove the offensive content. Sadly, she did not get a chance to fight the online defamation herself.

To make things worse, emails from school officials have shed light on possible negligence on the school's part to protect Phoebe Prince from her bullies as well. Her bullies are now facing criminal charges for their actions, but there is a possibility of civil claims as well. 

Let's hope that no more families need to call a Boston injury lawyer about bullying in schools.

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