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Foster Child Abuse: More Than Just Personal Injury Law

There are many foster families available that would take loving care of a foster kid. Yet, the abusive ones somehow slip through the cracks. Perhaps that's what makes this horrifying tale of foster child abuse so gut wrenching; making Boston personal injury lawyers, children's rights lawyers and constitutional lawyers sick to their stomachs.

A children's advocacy group is suing the State of Massachusetts for abuse and neglect, claiming that the children were badly harmed in foster care. Although thousands of children go through the Massachusetts foster care system, only six are plaintiffs, along with the Children's Rights group, in this class action lawsuit against the state.

Although the lawsuit addresses personal injuries suffered by the children in foster care, it's interesting to note that the suit has large civil rights undertones to it. Essentially, Boston personal injury lawyers find, at times, that the injuries in their cases expand beyond the scope of general personal injury law and slip into the realm of constitutional law.

What does that mean?

It means that some personal injuries are so inherently tied to a governmental body and to the actions or inactions of that governmental body, that the suit becomes bigger than just a lawsuit for injuries. It begins to speak louder and stand for something larger.

And Boston personal injury attorneys, as well as Massachusetts personal injury attorneys, are familiar with that idea.

In this case, the suit alleges that certain state officials failed to take the right actions to ensure safety of these children.

Many of these children don't have anyone to protect them. So they turn to the one protection they have-- the state. If the state can't protect them and if the state allows abusive foster parents to slip through the cracks and potholes in the system, then their last resort can only be in a sympathetic Boston personal injury lawyer-- one who loves children and is willing to protect the children of Massachusetts.

And luckily for those foster kids, there are plenty of sympathetic Boston injury lawyers.

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