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April 2010 Archives

Cape Cod Hospital Under Investigation for Death

Although this is a criminal case, Boston personal injury attorneys know the ramifications of criminal homicide cases on personal injury law.

The concept is simple: A murder might very well also lead to a wrongful death lawsuit.

While this case doesn't depict a murder, by any means, the death in this case was labeled a homicide, by the state's medical examiner. The state Department of Public Health cited a Cape Cod hospital for a federal violation of patients' rights. The Department claims that the actions of the hospital staff lead directly to the death of Daniel J. Ryan. Ryan, who was 35, went to the hospital to visit his wife last October. At the time, he was restrained at the hospital for allegedly being a threat to staff, bystanders and himself.

MA Legislature Looking to Mitigate Concussions Among Athletes

Concussions are an area of concern to Boston personal injury attorneys.

Indeed, such brain trauma would be an issue of importance and prominence in a city devoted to the sport of baseball. Brain trauma and head injuries are a great concern to those on the playing field. Last year, a Montana boy was hit by a runaway baseball bat. As a result, his surviving family members were able to collect $850,000 in a products liability suit against the makers of the aluminum bat.

As a result of the dangers associated with athletics and the lack of information on brain trauma, several Boston area athletes have come together to educate young athletes on the dangers of concussions.

Pit Bulls Have a Bad Name with Boston Injury Lawyers

Poor pit bulls. They have received a reputation for being vicious, angry and ruthless. And as most Boston personal injury lawyers would tell you, their behavior also leads to many, many dog-bite lawsuits.

They are part of, what is called, the "bully breed." According to Boston Review writer Colin Dayan, the pit bull has been the media's favorite dog-villain.

Surely, Boston personal injury lawyers know the word "vicious propensity." And surely, they've heard the word in reference to pit bulls. As a result of the "vicious propensities" of these dogs, many states and municipalities across the nation have adopted "breed bans."

Does that sound like some sort of canine ethnic cleansing to you? It certainly has that ring to it.

February Investigation Uncovers Recalled Drugs in Stores

What happens when you send a Boston area investigative news team out to the supermarkets?

You find recalled drugs sitting on store shelves.

That's right. Last February, after the Boston-area WCVB Channel 5 sent their investigative team out to local supermarkets, they found that  some recalled pain relievers were still sitting on local store shelves at supermarkets.

Mortgage Fraud Not a Crime in MA, But Can You Sue?

Apparently, mortgage fraud is not a crime in the state of Massachusetts.

At least not according to Attorney General Martha Coakley.

So, what is a person to do if they fall victim to the evil predators that scurry the streets in search of distressed homeowners?

How do you fight back, if you've been a victim of mortgage fraud in the state of Massachusetts?

Phoebe Prince: When Schools Should Care

Phoebe Prince committed suicide at the hands of bullies at her South Hadley high school.

As a result, Boston personal injury lawyers have been toggling with the question on school liability. And school administrators have been plagued with criticism over the fact that they could potentially have some liability for Phoebe Prince's suicide.

So, how does this all play in for the Boston personal injury attorney?

The 'Ginsu Rails' of the Big Dig

Remember the Ginsu knives-- those knives on infomercials that became famous for slicing just about anything?

Well, Boston personal injury lawyers know about the Ginsu rails-- those rails in the Big Dig that are so inherently dangerous, they can slice off a limb.

The handrails in Boston's Big Dig tunnel are under attack by lawmakers and families of fatal accident victims. Lawmakers are taking heed in light of numerous Boston car accident in the Big Dig Tunnel, specifically, many of the fatalities that were a result of the "safety" rails.

Unfortunately, that seems to be the gruesome truth about these deadly handrails. Although many of the crashes in this tunnel should never have been deadly, the sharp and dangerous handrails subject passengers and drivers to a separate peril. Many of the Boston car accident victims in the Big Dig were gruesomely dismembered. Some survived, but without a limb. Others were killed on impact, despite the fact that they may not even have been driving that fast.

Trapeze Artist Alexander Sotov Falls on Kids in Boston, No Injuries

Boston personal injury attorneys are talking about the odd incident that took place at the Big Apple Circus in Boston.

A Russian trapeze artist, Alexander Sotov, flew off the trapeze midway through his act, and landed on two audience members--children, aged eight and ten.

Alexander Sotov apparently lost his grip, fell onto the safety netting below, bounced off the net, and landed in the front row, much to the shock and bewilderment of audience members. And although Alexander Sotov and the children suffered no injuries, all were visibly shaken from the experience.

As a precautionary measure, all three were taken to a local hospital.